Grimm Fairy Tales 40

Grimm Fairy Tales  40

A con artist has found the perfect target for what could be his biggest score yet: a widow with more money than she knows what to do with. So as he prepares to take her inheritance right from under her nose Sela decides it’s time to pay him a visit before things go terribly wrong. There is a fine line between need and greed and one con man is about to learn that once that line is crossed, there may be no going back. 
Meant to be an analogy to Paris Hilton/Lindsey Lohan, the story with Jillian Howard tells of a spoiled rich girl.  Her pool attendant is shown to be Sela, who offers her a different path.  After a near fatal car accident in which she was drinking she ran into an empty school bus.  Afterwards she is visited by Sela who reads her the story of the Goose and the Golden Egg.  This is about a poor old couple who think that their fortunes have changed with the golden eggs, but can only ever get more of them to feed their increasingly expensive lifestyles.  As the story cuts back to modern day, Jillian says she has learned her lesson but instead decides on a big party for her friends.  She is visited once again by Sela who tells her that she must really change her way, but Jillian fires Sela instead.  It is then revealed at Sela’s insistence that her father has cut her off financially.  Instead of learning her lesson she steal her dead mother’s jewelry and travels to Australia.  There she charters a boat to go snorkeling, but once she is ready to be brought out of the water, it is revealed that the skipper is in fact Belinda.  As a shark attacks her, Belinda reveals to her that she belongs to her now.

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